Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monsters Inc inspired stamping!

Good evening,

Sorry I haven't posted much in nails lately. The photos have been sitting in my smartphone,and the ridiculous software on my PC will not retrieve the images,because of an error message that says the files are corrupted.I don't really get how I can have corrupted files on my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

I had  in my mind a concept for what I wanted to do with the stamp from Bundle Monster plate 203.Well,it was pretty in my head,but harder for me to execute. Anyway this is what resulted.It's actually a nice test run with my new Squishy XL stamper that I picked up from Winstonia.

I did this stamping over a blurple glitter polish that I will be reviewing in an upcoming post. Meanwhile let's take a look at my stamping manicure.

For this manicure I used:

BM 203 the image at the top,Konad plates M27 and M33. I also used Konad special stamping polish pastel blue.

 On my pinky nail, I used the image of the seahorse from Konad M27 to represent Randall from Monsters Inc.  On my index finger I stamped the crab from Konad plate M33 to represent Henry J. Waternoose III,the company's chairman of Monsters Inc. I also took a Color Club striper and put a frame around the image. That was fun!

After that I used the image from BM 203 form my thumb,middle and ring fingers. I just like that image. I did use some top coat,and the stamped image lasted just long enough for me to take photos,before the Konad polish ran. That was a foul mess. I don't like Seche,I don't like the majority of topcoats out there,because they even pull polish off of my normal manicures. If anyone knows of a good topcoat for stamping,please comment below.

So how do you like my Monsters Inc inspired stamping mani? Have you been out to see the new Monsters movie "Monsters U"? I am looking forward to seeing it once it comes out on DVD.