Monday, July 15, 2013

A new Indie polish

Nothing to Disclose

I feel like I am running behind schedule with this,but the last time I tried to upload these photos,my pc wouldn't cooperate with my smartphone in retrieving the photos,so this post is somewhat delayed.

First off, I won this polish called "Shifty Randall" from Sweet Heart Polish on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.
Here is a bottle shot.

You're probably familiar with the latest Monsters movie that came out recently called Monsters U.
This polish is part of a trio created by Cassandra,and inspired by Randall, one of the characters of Monsters Inc. The trio of polishes is callled Scare U.

I now have a swatch of the polish for you. This is three coats of Shifty Randall over two coats of Wet n' Wild black creme.

Shifty Randall has a blurple shimmery base with lots of iridescent glitter that also shifts from purple,to blue and also green.I think it's a very good interpretation of Randall's evil character in the movie. The glitter in this polish appears to me to be more of a flake glitter,so when I applied it,I was surprised at how the polish resembled more of a flakie polish than a glitter polish.

With that being said,the formula was a tad bid on the thick side,but if you apply it in thin coats,it goes on very nicely. I actually had no real trouble with application. The blue/purple shimmery base is very much to my liking,and the glitter is magnificent. 

Sweet Heart Polish is available on Etsy for $8/bottle. 

Here is the link to Cassandra's shop Sweet Heart Polish