Friday, June 7, 2013

Only three v's,really ColorClub?

So last night,I went to get gas,before picking husband up from work. I had just painted my nails,with this,because I didn't want to have naked nails if I saw this cashier who usually flirts with me when I go to get gas. Funny,he looks alot younger than me,and yet,I sense he is at least 40.

So I am out there,pumping my gas.I lay my left hand on the car,and admire my nails,and I am thinking why do my nails have a better paint job than my car does?! 

So I am standing there thinking about spectraflair,looking at my gray/silver four door sedan,and it doesn't have the holo going on that my nails do. So I am going WTF,right.

I will show you the lacquer now.

Color Club Revvvolution.And yes three v's,not four,six,or eight.WTF.

However,no matter how many v's there are,this is a gosh darn good-lookin' holo! And a real treat for my husband,'cause when we get home he says "Your nails are the same color on both hands." LOL!

3 Coats,very little dry time,and underneath a coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base coat.

Enough said.