Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Stamping Challenge Mani for AIS

I have been sort of a lurker in AIS for awhile now. I have had maybe one good stamping manicure in the history of my blog which you can see in this photo

                                                             stamping in June 2011

Here are the photos of todays mani. I have no idea what to call the image I used.

The challenge in Adventures in Stamping for today,was to do a manicure with complimentary colors on the color wheel. I had already been wearing Zoya Hazel since Friday,so I  chose to stamp over it with Konad plate M73 and a red polish. The color wheel indicates "red-orange" as  complimentary for "blue-green",but my Dark Orange Konad polish wouldn't stamp a strong enough image like it did over Zoya Buffy

The image did show up on my thumb,but it was too subtle for me.

Overall,I am incredibly pleased with the way my challenge manicure turned out. I've been wanting to stamp again for the longest time. Every time I tried to stamp I would get aggravated with myself and say fudge it.
I actually had alot of fun doing this manicure,and hope I will be stamping more on my blog in the future. It's alot easier for me to manage,when I don't put any pressure on myself to do it right. I know it doesn't look perfect,but I have the satisfaction of proving to myself that it worked as long as I was patient with myself.