Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I've been wearing...spam!

(I purchase the product mentioned in this post.) (Affiliate Link) 

Good day to you all! 

Ever since I got my new nails,I haven't been able to stop swatching and wearing polishes!

More about my "new nails": I found out about Custom Nail Solutions in early April. I actually happened upon a new blogger in our nail community who also wears the nails. Her name is Diane Graham and she writes the blog called Polish Sickness 

I was curious about her nails and she invited me to join her Facebook group 

To make a long story short, CNS,as they're called are artificial nails that are made of indestructible plastic. They are custom made from impressions that you make of your own nail beds. They come in many different lengths and shapes. Here is the website to order if you've any interest.
customnailsolutions.com You may also tell them I referred you. For every five referrals I get a free set of nails. As part of blogger integrity,I feel it is only right to mention that part.

The company,located in Dallas,Tx ships to Canada,as well as Britain and France,not to mention the United States. 

And now to what I've worn the past week!

Orly It's Not Rocket Science
China Glaze Hyper Haute

Nubar Prismatic Gem
China Glaze Laser Lime

FNUG Psychedelic

I want to thank all of my new followers that have joined recently.I hope you will all find something positive to gain from reading my blog. 
Also want to remind everyone,that there are still a couple of days left to enter my blogiversary giveaway. The link is located here.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day holiday!