Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bat Jar Conjecture

(Sent for review)

Hi everyone.

Do I have any "Big Bang Theory" fans? I freakin love that show!

It was an okay day today,and then when I got home it got better to find these China Glaze Texture polishes sent to me for review.

First up is:

Bump and Grind

Bump and Grind is a pinkish red with what China Glaze calls "textured grit".
I like the color of this one alot.It took two coats for full coverage,but I used three just to be safe.

Bump and Grind with topcoat.
I used Orly Sec & Dry. I honestly don't think top coat helps much,but I wanted to try it.

And here we have:
Unrefined,a bright pink with textured grit. I applied three coats of this one as well. To me it is more like the pale pink in the bottle. This is sort of an awkward shot,as my nails are feeling "shy" today.

Unrefined with topcoat.

And finally:
Of Coarse,a bright cobalt blue with textured grit,which I would describe as not so much bright but medium blue. Three coats here as well.
Of Coarse,with top coat.

I like the colors of these texture polishes.The formula was certainly exceptional,as I find most China Glaze lacquers live up to that.
They were also very easy to remove.

These are slightly different from the other texture polishes we've seen from OPI and Zoya. China Glaze texture polishes are not glittery like the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes. However,it depends entirely on your own taste or preference whether you prefer your texture to be glittery or plain.

And I couldn't resist throwing this little slice of "Big Bang" from Youtube. 

(Polish graciously provided for my honest review by a media representative.)