Monday, April 29, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust swatches and review!

Press Samples

And the final Zoya Summer selection is the Pixie Dust, infused with magic and wonder!  I saved the best for last,that's if you're not over texture yet. 

Let's look at these beauties!

First up is Zoya Miranda, a rose textured matte with lots of sparkle! Here it is shown with three coats.

Stevie, a matte violet purple sparkle.Here it is shown with three coats!

And this is Solange, a gold metal foil sparkle.This one is touted by Zoya to be infused with an "exclusive gold pigment". I believe it! It took three coats for full coverage.

this one is Beatrix,a tangerine metal matte with sparkle! It took three coats for coverage!

this is Destiny. It really impresses me for some reason. I love the sparkle in it. It takes three coats for full coverage, and delights with it's red coral hue. I noticed as the first coat went on,there appeared to be some holographic sparkle going on,so I think that is why this one seems a little different than the others.It's not visible once dry though.

And lastly it's Liberty. Liberty is described by Zoya as blue. I wouldn't say it is just blue. There is some cobalt blue,and at times when I stare down at my nails, it appears to have some green running through it. So I would actually call it a teal blue. It's also got that matte sparkle going on for it.

I loved all of these. I can't play favorites with any of them. They are all so gorgeous. The finish on these is amazing.These are all meant to be worn without top coat. Although I am sure you can apply top coat if you want.  I love that they dry so quickly,sparkle like crazy,and are fairly easy to remove. I would say that they are a whole lot easier to remove than the OPI Liquid Sand lacquers. I only apply a saturated cotton ball to the nail,wait a couple of moments,and the Zoya Pixie Dust comes off without any agitation to the nail area.

These lacquers are available on for $9.

Products in this post were provided for review by a media representative for the company. All opinions are my own.