Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hard Candy swatches and review!

The polishes in this post were provided for review.

Okay,so! I have swatched and reviewed a few of the polishes in separate posts,however,I wanted to just get right to it,and give you my thoughts on the ones in this post.

Everyone loves bottle shots,right? I mean who couldn't love staring at this melange of glitter in a clear base? 

Here it is on the nail wheel! A close up so you can see all the happy stuff going on! I think it is aptly named "Party Central". I swatched this over three coats of Sally Hansen Black Diamond. All of the glitters in this post will be over SHBD.

Now,Party Central is shown here with two coats. There was a bit of dabbing necessary to get the glitter placement on the nail,as the glitters kept wanting to swim off their own way.

Next up:

Fun n' Festive

Looks very nice in the bottle right? I looove the way it looks in the bottle!

And here it is on the nail wheel! Lots of teeny green and a few teeny gold glitters,along with some large golden hex glitters. I used three coats for this one,and it also required some dabbing for glitter placement.

Now, here are the seven glitters I swatched all over SHBD. Fun n' Festive is the second from the left. You can hardly see it. I am thinking maybe it should be swatched over something else,like gold or green.

The third one I have for you today is Hard Candy Masquerade,third from the left on the wheel,swatched over black again. Two coats,and there was dabbing again to get the glitters to behave on the nail.

The glitters appeared copper to me in the bottle,but this polish actually has a clear base with small black glitters and large red hex glitters. I was kind of disappointed with it,because the black glitters were sparse,and when I applied it over the nail, I knew it would have to be swatched over black. The black glitters in Masquerade would look sloppy swatched over any other color but black,and since I don't really like black nail polish,this one is lost on me. It kind of too reminds me of that China Glaze glitter from the Cirque du Soleil collection, called "Whirled Away." They may even be very similar if not dupes.

Oh,and here's the bottle shot!

Next is Fireworks.

Fireworks. Two coats  with more dabbing for glitter placement,although the glitter in this one has a bit more going on for it. It's all a mix of small red and navy glitter, nice long red bar glitters,and some really great red hex glitters!

The next three glitters in this post are my favorites,and here is why.

The first in my favorites of these seven, is called So So Sequin. You cannot tell from this bottle shot,there is a whole lot of holo glitter in there.

So So Sequin, on the left. It took two coats for full coverage over black. You can wear it alone and still get full coverage.

So So Sequin is a generous base of silver microglitter and large blue hex glitters.At least that is what you see in the bottle. In the above shot you can see it's holo glitter.

The second one  above is Glamour Girl.

Glamour Girl is the second one swatched above. Two coats over black.Full coverage glitter and can stand alone. I love the pink microglitter base with large red hex glitters.

Finally the last glitter in this bunch:

Party Lights

Party Lights has a silvery glitter base, with aqua green and periwinkle glitters. The above shot is a macro,as most of the nail shots,since I feel it shows the glitter in the best light. This one was also swatched with two coats over black,although it will also cover in two coats alone.

And that is my review of the Hard Candy glitters that were provided to me for review. The provision of these nail polishes for my use,did not affect my opinion whatsoever.

Aside from that, how do you like the new Hard Candy lacquers? Do these glitters leave you feeling giddy, like they do me?