Monday, March 18, 2013

Zoya Lovely Spring 2013 swatches and review

Spring is almost here, and what a better time to show you the Lovely Spring collection from Zoya.

(The product in this post was provided for review by media representatives in exchange for my honest opinion and review of the product.)

The six shades in this collection are broken up into three pastel cream shades and three pastel metallic shades.

First up I have Jacqueline: full coverage,magnolia nude creme created as a custom shade for fashion designer Peter Som.

Zoya Jacqueline

Full coverage meant three coats for me. One very thin coat to start, and by the third coat  any streakiness I saw
had leveled itself out.Thank God. I normally detest pastel cremes,and for that very reason, the streakiness and  bald spots.But that was not a problem with Jacqueline, for as you can see she dried to a glossy finish.No top coat was used.

Next  is Zoya Neely, a full coverage Spring green, originally created as a custom runway shade for fashion designer Peter Som.

Zoya Neely here shown with three coats as well. It applied uneven and with a few bald spots here and there.I didn't want to risk a fourth coat,knowing the formula wasn't leveling out the way it should. I blame myself for the way it looks. I may have been impatient for each coat to dry.
However, you can still see where it dried to a glossy finish.

Finally the last pastel creme in this group, Zoya Blu.

Zoya Blu is described as a pale,baby blue that is both flattering and fun on the nails. I am actually surprised at how well it looks on me in the photo,as I didn't particularly like it IRL. It was even more difficult to apply than Neely, yet it turned out so much prettier. This is with three coats,drying to a glossy finish.

Next we have the three pastel metallics of the Lovely collection.

First is Piaf, a fresh forsythia yellow metallic, which is another custom created runway shade for fashion designer Zang Toi.

Piaf would have been fine at two coats for me,but I used three for full coverage. I actually think it looks much better IRL than in the pic above. I found it to be sheer,but easy to apply. It's a yellow that I can wear,which is unusual since there are few yellows that look good on me.

Next is Zoya GeiGei: a full coverage blushing cherry blossom metallic pink.Another custom shade created for fashion designer Zang Toi.

So yeah, this one was no trouble at all. It was sheer like Piaf,and covered easily in three coats.Dry time was short also. You could wear this one at one coat,for just a light pink nude look,or go full coverage as seen in the photo. Either way,it's a gorgeous shade of pastel pink.

And last of the Lovely collection is my favorite color...purple.

Zoya Julie is another gorgeous pastel metallic. It is a full coverage soft wisteria purple,originally created as a custom runway shade for fashion designer Zang Toi.

I used three coats for full coverage and the dry time was fast.

In conclusion, these are some lovely pastel shades for Spring,as well as Easter,and would make beautiful presents for Mother's Day.
The collection of six is available for $48 on
Each color individually is only $8.

Zoya is Big 5 Free: the first nail polish company to remove formaldehyde,formaldehyde resin,dibutyl phthalate, toluene,and camphor.

Again, products in this post were provided by the pr representatives or manufacturers for my unbiased opinion.