Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blog update: I am still here.

Yep. Here I am. It seems like I haven't  polished my nails or blogged about them for a long time now. Life happens. Great job happens. Busy me going to and fro. Just enough time to eat,sleep,and go to work. Overtime happens. Even more busy-nessssss!

This went on for three months at least, and after it was all said and done, I thought I had come down with a cold. I usually kick a cold fairly easily,with lots of liquids,and large doses of Echinacea and Zinc.

By the end of two weeks in February, the cold wasn't gone. Here in Texas the wind blew alot,bring all sorts of allergens into the air. Walking to my car at 11:00 pm every night could not have helped.

And so, to the doctor Ms. Glazed went. Doctor says," Me thinks you have a bit of allergies." Doctor listens to lungs,changes her mind,and says," Oops.It is pneumonia ye have. I will prescribe an antibiotic immediately and off to get a lung x-ray you will go."

Thanks be to God, almost four weeks later, I am finally feeling back to my old self again. That supposed cold had kicked my butt,and taken all my interest in anything and everything with it. It was a mild case of pneumonia easily treated,however,if I had seen the doctor sooner, I might have felt better sooner.

I have so many things to share with you. Of course, leaving out the aforementioned TMI, there will be swatches, a few photos of stuff I've hauled in the past few months, and a few photo ops with my beloved kitty,Amber,who has tried very hard to not stray from my side.

I hope you are all well,and that the New Year is treating you well.