Monday, February 25, 2013

My first SOG manicure.

I like the options we ladies have now. The at home DIY manicures have been around for a couple of years now. However, there are so many DIY kits now, that anyone has a variety of brands to choose from.

The products used for this manicure are:
1. Gelish Vitagel Recovery: an LED light-cured nail strengthener. I applied 2 coats after prepping my nails with Gelish PH Bond.
2. Gelish Soak Off Foundation Gel.
3. Knockout Nails two-minute UV light color.
4. Gelish Top It Off top coat.

To cure these I used a Red Carpet Manicure LED lamp. I'd purchased the lamp when I splurged on some RCM polishes after the holidays.

I do have a 36 watt UV lamp, but the LED lamp takes alot less time to cure.