Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Sweet Tips Nails!

Today I have some long overdue swatches of  Sweet Tips Nails .

Back in October when Jen launched her new shop on Etsy,I contacted her and asked if I could review a couple of polishes.

Here are the three she sent me. 

                                                                    Here is Dr. Pepper, both shots taken outdoors.

 Inspired by  the carbonated beverage of the same name, this is a red leaning brown, with sparks of gold and red. To me it appears to be a nice shade of copper. I barely needed two coats for coverage.I would say one and half would be more precise,lol :-)

I love me some "Mounds" inspired by the candy bar of the same name. This one is loaded with dark brown and copper hex glitters,along with white bar/string glitter that resembles coconut. I got full coverage on my pinky nail,over my SOG manicure. The index and middle finger, I layered Mounds over Dr. Pepper.

I can't decide which looks yummier, Mounds or Gummy Yummy. So I will let your sweet tooth be the judge.

"Gummy Yummy"

 Do you like Gummy Bears? Well if you do you will love this  candy  inspired confection !

This is two dabbled coats of red,green,yellow,orange and white matte glitters suspended in a clear  base,swatched over "Dr. Pepper" .  I  think it looks way prettier swatched here on Jen's Etsy store.

So that concludes this review. You should get yourself some sticky sweets from Jen's shop.

They're homemade AND guilt-free!

 You can't go wrong there!