Monday, October 22, 2012

Zoya Ornate Swatches and Review! (on my nubbins)

Hi everyone! Good day to you!

Today I've got my swatches together and a review of the Zoya Ornate Holiday/Winter nail lacquer set.
I was super excited to receive these polishes,and even though I couldn't swatch them right away,I finally bit the bullet and said "Nubbins be damned."

I'm sure you've seen some swatches of these polishes somewhere in the last couple of weeks. I received mine, and as my nails have been damaged,I wasn't able to swatch them until yesterday. So, most of you who read my blog know that I usually wear false nails.

This post will be very different,as I am giving my "nubbins" the coming out party that they deserve. Nothing could be more perfect for them than the Holiday Ornate collection from Zoya!

I had so much fun swatching these! So let's get on with the swatches!

Blaze is a medium vampy mulberry red,with multi-colored holographic glitter. Zoya calls it microdiamond glitter.The first coat was sheer,and the polish became opaque after the second coat was applied.

This is Ziv. I never did find out which Marvel Comic character this polish is named is for. All the other names I am familiar with. If you know who Ziv is, please leave me a message in the comment section,thanks.

Ziv is a yellow-toned metallic gold foil with lots of gold flake glitter.I used two coats for full coverage. I have other golds in my stash,but none as beautiful as this one!

This one is Zoya's Logan. Please excuse the dent in my ring finger.I had just started swatching,and didn't notice the dent until after I took a zillion photos of this one. The color was very hard for me to capture for some odd reason. This is the best photo I have,it was taken outdoors to reveal yellow-gold inside a blue-green base. The first coat was sheer,and built to opacity with the second.

And here is Storm! I want to say this is my favorite of the collection,only because it's first time I can say black looks good on my tips :-) Storm is opaque in two coats and  is packed with so much holo glitter it's insanely gorgeous! Talk about "rockin' your nubbins". If you get one polish from this collection,I would buy this one. Just my own humble opinion.

Aurora. Next to Storm, is my second best pick from this collection. It's a sugarplum purple with loads of holo microdiamond glitter. It took two coats for opacity on this one too.

Finally, Electra, she truly does sparkle. I  like Electra, however, I don't feel the color truly represents my Marvel Comics heroine of the same name. I do like the tinsel glitter. I used two coats for this one,although I could have gotten away with one coat,I just didn't want any bald spots. I really feel one coat is best. And probably better layered over another Zoya polish like Natty. I can see you wearing your black gown to that holiday gala,and sporting this one on your tips!

I had no trouble at all with the application of these polishes. The formula  is great,and the dry time is good as well.

All in all, I am really pleased with Zoya's Ornate collection. I am sure everyone will have their favorites from this group or maybe you might want them all.

Which ones will be on your shopping list for the holidays?

Polish was kindly provided for review. All opinions are my own.