Saturday, October 27, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters from Jen!

I just got back from my mailbox,lol! I actually have been home all day,puttering around the house, taking care of stuff,and tweeting the giveaways,entering giveaways, just hanging out on FB,etc.etc.etc.

So anyway, here is my latest nail mail,well not nail mail but mail nonetheless...It's from Jen over at My Nail Polish Obsession

here they are,I took photos of them. The one on the left is Tutti Frutti,and the one on the right is Berry Smoothie.

I've heard these are somewhat sheer,I've never tried them, as I don't buy a whole lot of makeup,mostly because I have already too much lip gloss. I love sheer lippies though.

Anyway, that's a short story for today.

I have other nail mail I haven't posted yet. I received a whole lot of packages recently,and haven't gotten around to sorting thru it all.

Take care everyone.Have a happy safe Halloween weekend.