Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arissa Rockin' Amethyst

Hello polish lovers! 

I've been re-organizing my stash, ( I probably do this every three months). Anyway,I found this wonderful gem from a purchase I made at Family Dollar about 2 years ago. It was maybe $1.50, or so. I set it aside and forgot about it.

Lightbox w/ flash 

Another angle
Arissa Rockin' Amethyst turned out to be a gorgeous, if not delicious looking, jelly with small particle red shimmer. It did take four coats for opacity but it was tooootally worth it! The dry time on this one was pretty quick too!

I honestly don't know if these polishes are still in circulation. I only see LA Colors at my Family Dollar now,so if you can find this one, you should get it. If you are a purple and a jelly lover that is :-)

Thank you for reading!