Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Butterfly Award

Awhile back,I was tagged with the Butterfly Award,
 by my friend Shannara of Nails and Stuff . Thank you,Shannara! And I apologize for taking so long to get to this tag.

The Rules:
1.Link back to the person who awarded you.(Done.)
2.Answer the following questions
3.Award to ten other bloggers

1. What's your favorite song? 
I can't say that there is any one favorite,however,tonight,as I was bringing my husband home from work, the song "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker came on the radio.I have always loved this song.Everytime I listen to it, I feel more beautiful! :-) 

2. What's your favorite desert? 
It changes as well. This summer, my favorite desert was Blue Bell Ice Cream in Coconut Fudge.

3. Who's my favorite pet?
My female cat,Amber,who is called Amber,because of her amber-coloured eyes. 

4. Black or white?
I like them both,although black doesn't look good on my nails,so I steer away from wearing black nail polish.

5. What's your biggest fear? 
Being left alone.

6. What's your best feature?
My eyes.

7. What's your every day attitude? 

8. What is perfection?
I am a free spirit, so ideally,perfection is for me to be myself, everywhere I am.

9. What is you guilty pleasure? 
Nail polish.

And here are the 10 Bloggers I am awarding the Butterfly Award to:

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