Thursday, September 27, 2012 nail lacquer shopping site to open soon!

I wanted to let my readers know about a new shopping site opening soon,just for all of us nail lacquer loving fiends! ;-)

It's called , and while it hasn't officially opened,you can get yourself on the list before it opens,for the best deals in luxury nail polish. : From what I read after I signed up, will be a monthly thing,where you can get the latest luxury nail polish before it even hits the runways! Get access to  high-end luxury nail lacquer from top brands sent to you monthly.

When I signed up I was given a referral link, to share with my readers so that you can get in on this amazing offer as well.

Click the link below,to be taken  to the signup page. I honestly don't know that there's any free polish in it for me, like there was with Julep,for example.

thanks for reading ladies, and have a lovely lacquered day :-)