Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jelly-tastic Week with Zoya Katherine!

Well, hello there readers!

I am super excited to finally be bringing you my favorite portion of the new Zoya Fall collection.That is the Gloss collection which consists of three gloss or jelly finish polishes.

Today I will be presenting you with Katherine,the gloss originally created for Zoya by Peter Som.Katherine was part of the Limited Edition Color Box released during NYFW.

Now onto the swatches!

Zoya Katherine is a sheer dark red-toned aubergine with a buildable jelly gloss finish. Here it is pictured with four coats,which is what it took for full coverage for me. As you can see it went on with quite alot of brush strokes so it does appear streaky,however, IRL, it really is not noticeable. The camera and lighting shows alot more in this photo than I would like. Like visible nail line. Anyway,I don't really mind it,as these glosses,like Katherine,can be used in a variety of different ways,like layering over other polishes to create a different color as I've done below with Frida over FeiFei.

Pictured here is my FeiFei manicure accented with a coat of Zoya Gloss in Frida on my ring finger.

Another way that Katherine can be layered is over glitter,or "sandwiched". I will also feature a jelly/glitter sandwich with Katherine in an upcoming post.That is what is so exciting about the Gloss collection from Zoya! I love me some jelly sammiches ;-) 

Here is a better shot of Katherine in the sunlight. 

And here is Katherine in the shade.

So to summarize the Gloss collection is nice for layering.On the downside if you are looking to wear it alone,I don't recommend it.This finish takes about the same amount of dry time as the cremes,which is normal for Zoya polishes.That being said, with the gloss finish, I found I had to wait for each layer to dry before applying the next layer.If you need four coats for opacity,this can become time-consuming.  They are really meant to complement other nail polishes,like Daul for instance.

Other than that I am really excited about the gloss collection from Zoya. If you are reading this,Zoya, please make more of them,in a rainbow of colors! I would love to see a set of six at least,in every color of the spectrum,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,and violet. Okay that was seven,but you get my meaning!

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Source: The Meaning of Names

Stay lacquered,my friends! ;-)

(Poliah featured in this post was provided by Zoya for review.Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)