Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zoya Rehka swatch and review

Today I have a swatch of  Zoya Rehka  

                                              This photo was taken with flash in my lightbox.

Zoya Rehka- here is your classic red creme.

 I love the story behind this polish. Rehka is the custom shade designed by Bibhu Mohapatra, in memory of his late mother. Bibhu's mother always wore red nail polish on her left hand,because it was the custom in his native country to eat with one's right hand. Therefore she only wore  red nail polish on her left hand.

I am not a creme polish lover by any means. I probably own one other red creme in my polish collection. This is a creme polish that could make me love cremes for the first time ever.

Zoya Rehka ,as you can see from my swatch, is a shiny,classic red creme.To me it has sort of a jelly-like quality to it, in that it has that squishy look that I love from wearing jelly polishes. I did not need  a topcoat to make it  shiny. It was easy to apply,as most Zoya polishes I've tried. I only needed two coats for full coverage,and the dry time was not overly long. I did detect a hint of pink in  Rehka,as I was removing her from my nails.

So,my dear readers, are you a red nail polish lover? Do you like cremes? Are you ready for fall yet?

Polish in this post was kindly provided by the media department for review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.