Friday, August 31, 2012

Zoya Diva Song swatch and review

Hello dear readers!

Today's swatch will be Zoya Song.

Here she is in sunlight!

And another sunlight photo from a different angle.

Song is a bold vibrant primary blue,with silver and blue micro glitter.

I applied two coats for full coverage,and had no issues with the formula or application. I was pleasantly surprised to find the glitter going on to the nail,not something I expected coming from the look of the shade in the bottle. Song is truly a unique polish.

In addition,I experienced no incidence of "smurf" fingers,as one would expect with a blue polish. It was removed very easily and effortlessly with non-acetone polish remover.

What Does My Name Mean? Song, The Meaning of Names

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Source: The Meaning of Names

Until next time!

(Poliah featured in this post was provided by Zoya for review.Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)