Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoya Designer Swatch Toni - what's in a name?

Hi! I'm back,with another swatch for ya', from the Zoya Fall Designer collection. Today's polish is named Toni.

                                        (Please excuse my cuticles.They haven't looked this rough in a long time.)
                                       I need to go back to using the T.I.P.S. My cuticles were so smooth then! :-)

Toni is described as a dark maroon red cream. I found it to be another jelly-like polish,although opaque in two coats it seems to retain a certain translucent quality that I love. It is a shiny cream,again shiny like Rehka.

I used two coats for full coverage and it still has a slightly translucent quality to it. I am not sure if it is just me, or my camera,or the light the photo was taken in. It was taken outdoors in the late afternoon shade.

Getting back to the name though,and I have no idea where Zoya gets the names for their polish,although I have heard that some have been named for avid fans of Zoya,others for superstars like Uma Thurman.

I have always had a curiosity about names. My name for instance,after I researched it means "nativity". My mother named me after a nun who taught her in school,long ago.

I did look up the name Toni, in the fabulous Google search engine,and came up with a site or two where you can find info about your name. What I found is that Toni is a short form of Antonia,feminine for Anthony,and it actually means "beyond praise." I am sure there are other sites that would say it means something totally different.

Have you ever wondered what's in a name? How about Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla? Would they have been the people they turned out to be without those names? Would Albert have been THE Albert Einstein?