Sunday, August 5, 2012

Play Fair!

Before I forget...I've installed a couple of polls off to the right.The main one,is concerning the changing of my blog name. I would really love your input.Please vote for your favorite "new name" for my blog :-)

Here's another one of the older polishes I pulled out to show you. This one was part of Nicole by OPI's Spring 2009 collection.

Play Fair is a purple lavender with a bit of pink shimmer. I normally wouldn't go for a color as pale as this one,but the shimmer played a big part in luring it into my shopping basket.

this is two coats of Play Fair.The pic is taken outdoors in the shade.

I have maybe 3 more Nicoles to show you.Yeah,I don't have that many. I should really have more of these considering how much I love the formula and the adorable bottle :-)