Saturday, August 4, 2012

...her name was Nicole (by OPI that is!)

This is the fourth polish that I "ever" owned. Is this getting corny? I am having fun going through my lacquer collection one by one,from beginning to end, and at this rate,we are only getting started!

My Walgreens was actually closing these out when I found this bottle of Nicole. That's what I thought the brand name was,until later,when I became more "polish-ucated". I learned that Nicole was a brand launched by OPI to meet the needs of the retail market such as Target,WalMart,Meijer,and Ulta. I also didn't know at the time,that the original OPI was considered a salon professional brand.

Nicole by OPI was named after Nicole Schaeffer ,the daughter of George Schaeffer,the founding father of OPI nail lacquer.

Now that we've had our history lesson for today, let's take a gander at this beautifully named polish we have here. It's called Love Your Life. My immediate attraction to this polish was firstly the opalescent pink hearts and secondly the positive message to "love your life".

Love Your Life is a clear base,with subtle holo glitter and opalescent hearts. I had no real issues with the base,however, I did find the hearts were easier to apply with the dabbing method.I managed to dab on three or four of the hearts pictured here.


Here you see the polish a little closer. I believe it looks nice as is,I have also used it a few times layered over other more opaque polishes.

                                          And now for an "EXTREME CLOSE-UP"!

I am imagining a different layering combo altogether now,involving a additional glitter and some jelly! Will my love for glitter never end?

Thanks for reading!