Thursday, August 16, 2012

datyorkLOVES Glitterland glitter

Hello dear readers! I said I would be back,and here I am,with an incredibly gaudy-looking mani,because I couldn't restrain myself when it comes to glitter. 

For the index and middle finger I started out with a base of L'Oreal Water's Edge. I painted my middle and pinky fingers with Essence Hard to Resist,which is navy blue polish with subtle purple shimmer.
Here is a photo again,of the glitters that were sent to me by the lovely Dahlia of datyorkLOVES

As you can see,there is the green glitter on the left. In this bag you will find open heart-shaped glitter,and to my surprise,there are also small whole hearts.I used both types for this manicure.

On the right is some gorgeous purple iridescent glitter that is star-shaped.Two types of glitter,one is open,and the other is a smaller star shape.They look like they fit together,like pieces of a puzzle. When I first saw it,it brought to mind doughnuts and doughnut holes.

The purple glitter you can see on my index and ring finger. The color is a bit hard to capture, but you can definitely tell the stars are purple against the light backgroud of Water's Edge.

I enjoyed doing this mani. As with most glitter,I get the "deer in the headlights" look,when I catch sight of it,and therefore,I am usually a goner,and just start slapping it on there like so much confetti. In this case I wished I had a bit more self-control.

What I really love about this glitter though, is you are getting two types of glitter wether it is hearts or stars.You get the open-shaped larger glitter,and the smaller whole hearts and stars together in one bag. I haven't seen this with other glitters I've purchase like this.

You will be able to purchase this glitter and other colors too,when datyorkLOVES opens her  Glitterland  shop on the August 17th.

Product Information

The glitter has been used as nail art. It has not yet been tried in polish.
What you get: When you receive your glitter(s) you will either receive an 8 gram bag or two 8 gram bags of the glitter you've chosen

Glitter size:  under 1/2 cm or 1/8 in. or 5mm

The glitter will come in 8 gram bags,and there will be free shipping.Handling time is 2-5 days,and the product will be sold INTERNATIONALLY.

For larger quantities,additional colors,comments or questions e-mail Dahlia at

Glitter is this post was provided for review. The opinions expressed are honest,unbiased,and my own.