Friday, August 3, 2012

After the "Millenium"

I don't want you to become bored with nothing but bottle shots,so I dragged another mani out of the vault. China Glaze In Awe of Amber is the next polish that became a part of my collection,after Millenium (bottle shot pictured here)

Some of my polishes seem to have a story behind them,and I hope you are enjoying my little trip down memory lane.

 As I slowly meandered down "polish road", I wandered into Sally's Beauty Supply one day,and found myself staring at their shelf of China Glaze polishes. I was immediately attracted to two polishes in particular,China Glaze Unplugged (which I will cover in a later post) and China Glaze In Awe of Amber. I actually had no idea how pretty this one would be until after I'd worn it a couple of times.And, after I found out what collection the polish was from I was even more intrigued.I have a penchant for sheer polishes,it's true,and the whole collection of China Glaze We Adorn You from Fall/Winter of 2006,were all sheer polishes. At one point I was tempted to hunt down the whole collection.I did find them on a few e-tailer sites,but haven't squashed those lemmings yet.

But let's stick with the polish at hand.And here is a swatch of it.

So this is two coats.I hardly needed that much considering the nubbins. It's a beautiful copper-colored polish with minimal glass fleck shimmer.

Speaking of nubbins,I am slowly nurturing mine back,after those acrylics worn here. After they were removed,I did nothing but baby them for days on end.Still,there was some tearing.Mostly on my left hand. My dominant hand. My right hand nails are still holding on with the growth that happened while the acrylics were over them.There's been chipping,usually when I am typing. But they are actually stronger.It used to be when I had a chip, the whole tip of the nail would tear away.It's different now,maybe due to the oils I've been using to moisturize my cuticles with.

Meanwhile,I am going to continue to keep blogging.I considered showing you a current thumb swatch today,but the lighting hasn't been good. I also have swatch wheels.I don't like to use them,because I feel they don't really portray a color accurately,when there's no skin to swatch them against.

Thank you again for reading,and continuing to follow. I also appreciate every single one of your comments.