Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Polish Stash: Part I (the continuing saga of my trip down the rabbit hole)

 This series of three posts, is going to be about the very first three polishes I ever owned. In later stash posts,I will show you more polish purchases that resulted out of me acquiring these three polishes. This has already become a "nerdy" post, but from what I hear over at my fellow blogger Krista over at The Manicured Slayer , nerdy is a good thing these days.I've always been a nerd anyway,so it's not like it's anything new to me,being one :-)

First up:

                                                     L.A. Girl Rock Star Punk

When I am able to I will show you a swatch,but in the meantime,let me just say,I was seriously underwhelmed by the color,when I first tried it.However, there is alot to be said for being an total polish newb and not knowing what an incredible treasure you have on your hands,until you've worn it again,and seen it in much better light. I got this polish in early 2009,when a friend I knew then held her first blogaversary giveaway.

As a sidenote,it may interest you to know that at that point in time,I was unaware that nail blogs existed,not even. I was mostly into makeup then,and browsed the beauty blogs,along with my participation in a couple of makeup forums,like Mineral Madness: A BE Fan Forum This polish and the two upcoming polishes,which will be featured  in the next two blogposts,  were given to me by the lovely LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central, one of the beauty bloggers of mineral makeup fandom.

Being a polish newb then,I had no idea that the treasure of this was held in it's blurply goodness,with large particle pink glass fleck shimmer! Can I say, a "rockin'" polish.

so,there you have it,one of my very first polishes!

Do you own this polish or any of the other beautious L.A.Girl Rockstar lacquers?