Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Hungry Asian Swatches and Review!

As requested by a few of my readers I swatched these today for ya'! Oh,I don't like swatching glitters,not so much the swatching,as the removing. Ok,well if I could drink the glitter,I would,I really would,especially when they are this pretty! I actually did have a dream a few months ago where I was drinking a cocktail,there was glitter at the bottom,and in my dream I was disappointed because I couldn't drink the glitter :-( The cocktail was sweet though :-)

Moving on to the swatches.

Oh,a bottle shot! Of Pony. Tried to capture the many colors of glitter in this one. I think you can see it somewhat. Pony is actually packed with royal purple, lilac,and a hint of black and magenta medium hex glitter in a subtle shimmering base.

Now,what I've done here is try to show what this looks like at different levels of coverage. Pinky-1 coat. Ring finger- two coats, middle finger - three coats,and index- four coats for full coverage. Plus I did add Gelous to make it look shiny. The coverage on this is great,no matter what level of coverage you want,because I found that the glitter spread out so easily over the nail. There was no fishing through the bottle or having to dab it where you want it to go. I hate that with some manufacturers of glitter polishes. And this is an Indie polish,so it's excellent,absolutely gorgeous purple with tiny amounts of red glitter dispersed within. Purple glitter or the color purple for that matter just makes me happy! Heck,any color glitter makes me happy!

Here is Vote for Purple, in the shade.Vote for Purple is a pale lavender and small square and medium silver  hex glitter in a subtle shimmering base.   I am not really sure what the inspiration for the name is here. Again I am showing the glitter at one coat on the middle finger,two on the index,and three coats on my ring and pinky. Three coats is all I needed for full coverage on this one.
this picture is taken in sunlight. Again, the purple is very hard to capture,but it is definitely there.This reminds me of the purple in China Glaze Eye Candy Marry a Millionaire. Although that one has all sorts of other busy stuff going on with it. This is just straight light purple glitter in a clear base.

And the star of the show is...u jelly? It is a rasberry/dark pink jelly with sparse fine red and purple glitter.

I loved how this one went on.So smooth. I wound up using three coats for full coverage. Gosh,I love jellies! I do,and this one is like no other jelly I've tried.It is not anything like the OPI Sorbets from the OPI 2011 Texas collection. The formulation is so unique,it cannot even be compared to OPI .

There is all sorts of stuff going on inside this polish.The first coat was a bit sheer,and you could see the glitter showing through,then came the second coat,and after the third coat it just leveled out so well.I was seriously just going oooo and aaahhh as I applied it! u jelly? is my favorite of all three of these. It was also actually very easy to remove.

I am going to leave the link to Kae's Etsy shop for ya' The Hungry Asian Etsy Shop

Okay,well that's it for today dear readers. I hope you enjoyed these swatches.