Monday, April 16, 2012

Would you like a little glitter with that jelly?

Hello dear readers:

This is what happens when you rarely wear nail polish over a 10 week period. Sooner or later,you cave. Especially when you look at this, this , this, and this one which really threw me over the edge of sanity!

If you look at those links,you'll see,I had a bad case of the jelly sammich cravings!

                                                             this is the beginning :-)

                                                                         The middle

                                                                            And the end!

It didn't turn out quite as jellyish as I would have liked it,but then what can you do when after the first two coats of jelly,glitter,jelly,glitter, you just go nuts with the glitter,and start slappin coat after coat of glitter,and well the end result as you can see, doesn't really look like a jelly sammich but an overload of glitter,not so bad I guess,but I will need more practice,and try not to get so excited,as I layer each coat of polish!

                                                     Here are some pics of the polishes I used:
  China Glaze Material Girl,a pink glitter from the Eye Candy collection,
  OPI Barre My Soul from the recently released NYC Ballet collection.

                 Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck,which is a fuschia base with holographic glitter.

                                        One of the Wet n' Wild Ice Baby glitters,Back Alley Deals

Last but not least OPI Pirouette My Whistle,again,another shade from the NYC Ballet collection.

I hope that was slightly entertaining for you ladies.

Thank you so much for reading.