Sunday, April 8, 2012

Warning: Naked Nails Ahead! Weekly Update!

Man,the T.I.P.S. solution is what I want to call "amazeballs"! It's somewhat of a polish adjective that we polish lovers use to describe an awesome polish,polish combo,or franken that one of our fellow bloggers has created.

I don't think you can tell much change between last week and this weeks growth,so to speak,however,I am glad that my nails are still there,i.e.,they haven't chipped or broken off.

Um,yeah,so I'm 49 and I have nice nails for the first time in my whole entire life! Yeah,I call that AMAZEBALLS! 

I am not one to brag,and this post may seem like I am tooting my horn,however, I do have to brag a whole lot about T.I.P.S. and am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the ASK Cosmetics Bare Naked Nail Challenge this year. I hear now that Lisa is asking for participants for the Beach- Ready Toe Nail Challenge. Here is the link if you're interested Get Your Toes Ready for Summer

Lastly,a look at my near empty bottle of T.I.P.S. for Toes,which I used faithfully two to three times a day for eight weeks on my cuticles and nails. I just have four more weeks to go,ladies and gents. So excited! I am filled with wild anticipation of finally breaking out some polishes to swatch,and creating some jelly sandwiches,a manicure that I've been incredibly obssessed with lately.

thanks for reading and I hope all of you are enjoying a beautiful and happy Easter holiday!