Monday, April 9, 2012

Reviva Labs RevitalEyes Eyelid Serum

Hello dear readers!

I haven't been in the habit of reviewing skin care products on my blog,however,when RevivaLabs contacted me,and asked me if I would like to try a couple of their products and review them,I decided to go ahead and do it.Today I will be reviewing the new RevitalEyes Eyelid Serum.

First,some information about RevitalEyes Eyelid Serum.

Without proper treatment,eyelids and undereye areas are especially vulnerable to sagging and drooping.Now,Reviva Labs has created a concentrated serum specifically for the eyelid areas both upper eyelid(under brow),and lower eyelid(over eye). It has the ideal texture for eyelid care,the area often mistreated by creams. Eyelids can look smoother,firmer,and brighter!

Non-irritating light serum!
Excellent for undereyes too!
Brightening complex ads in lightening of dark areas around the eyes.

Directions: For upper eyelid,lift brow with fingers of opposite hand and with serum fingertip lightly spread serum under the brow.

For lower eyelid,apply serum with gentle finger-tapping movements from outer corner of eye to inner corner. This product can be used both morning and at bedtime.

Ingredients: Demineralized Spring Water,Mulberry Extract,DMAE Bitartrate,Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3,Lime Extract,Bitter Orange Extract,Hesperidin Compound,Extract Complex (Hops,Rosemary,Horsetail,Pine,and Lemon), Hyaluronic Acid,Glycerin (Veg.), Hydroxyethylcellulose,Potassium Sorbate,Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid.

And now for my review:

I started using the serum sometime in the middle of January,and there is still half of the bottle left.I would venture to guess that this bottle will last another three months,so it is alot of product for the price point. I recently checked the website ,and this item is currently at the sale price of $23.

I've used it as directed,at bedtime,and in the morning before I apply my eye makeup.

First of all,I love the way this serum feels when you apply it to the eyelid area. It is full of moisture and there is no tugging or pulling of eye area whatsoever,while using it. I also feel very much like my eyelid is being pampered in a way that no other eye serums or creams I've used.

I am not in the habit of wearing eye makeup as often as I used to,however,when I did go to apply my eyeshadow,I was completely amazed at the change in my whole eyelid,both upper and lower. I had a fold on my left eyelid,and also started to notice wrinkles on my inner eyelids.

So after using RevitalEyes Eyelid Serum,I can truly say that this serum did change the appearance of my eyelid. The fold on my left eyelid is not as prominent.The inner eyelid wrinkles,too,have receded.

The verdict:

I love it.I will continue to use it,and when this bottle is gone,you can bet that I will be purchasing another bottle.This is an eyelid serum,that has been bumped up to the A-list of my skincare routine!

There will be a forthcoming review of the Botanical Formula Eye Complex Firming Cream.

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(Product in this post was generously provided by Reviva Labs,for my honest opinion.)