Sunday, April 22, 2012

Purple Glitters Spring Challenge #3 Fruit and Dots

hello dear readers,

Hi again! I managed to do my third challenge. I am having alot of fun with this. I am using polishes that I haven't used,and trying out new techniques

.I have always admired other's nail art,but I haven't been much of a nail artist. I did try stamping for awhile,and have had varied results.

Challenge 3 is Fruit and Dots
Colors I used are yellow and green.

On to todays manicure,fruiticure,dotticure,etc....LOL!

I used Sally Hansen Xtremewear in Green With Envy for my base.
Then I applied some fruit fimo slices that appeared to be lemons to my nails. Then later I noticed they look more like oranges,oh well. I also used a dotting tool to apply some random white dots on a couple of nails.

The dots were tricky.I couldn't get myself to make my hand sit still long enough for them to dry,so there are very few,and alot of cleanup where they failed. But I do like the way the fimo's turned out.Other than that,my overall feeling is that it is a fuggly mani. But I am not ashamed to show it to you.I actually think it looks kind of funny because the fimo slices look like they've been baked to a crispy crunch in the sun,and the photos were also taken in the sunlight.

So this is the only good shot I got.

Ok so what do you think? Is it funny-looking? If you are amused that's fine,because I prefer that you laugh rather than cry. What do you think of my fruiticure?