Saturday, April 21, 2012

Purple Glitters Spring Challenge #2-Flowers and Stripes

Hello dear readers.

First I must apologize for the lateness of this nail art post. I had a major fail during the week,it was so yucky that I had to pass,so I emailed Mateja of Purple Glitters blog to let her know I would do it but it might be late. Well, here it is,and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the results of this challenge.

For this one I chose to do Flowers and Stripes.
The colors I chose are pink and green.

I used a Soulstice Spa nail color,called Kauai, for my base,with is a rich pink color.

I did the nail art on my thumb first as an experiment to see what I would want the rest of my nails to look like.I can always exclude my thumb if it doesn't turn out right. (How many of us nail bloggers don't show our thumbs in pics?) :-)

Then I took my white Art Club nail art striper and did a couple of stripes on each nail. I did the stripes on my ring and pinky first,and then when I got to my index finger,I changed direction.I found it easier to do the striper on the ring and pinky in the opposite direction as the index. After that I applied the green fimo flowers from a little nail art wheel I got at my local discount beauty supply store.I've had this nail art wheel for some time now,so it seemed like the perfect occasion to play with some fimo slices!

I also used some random mini flowers that came in some nail art kit that I can't recall.

This is the complete mani. You can see where I also used a green striper on the thumb,but I felt the color was too Christmasy,so I didn't use it on the rest of my nails.

this is my favorite photo of all of the ones I took.

I hope you all liked it. Thank you to all the ladies participating in the Spring Challenge for being so patient with me! I have another treat for you coming up,as I have been working on number three on my other hand,LOL!

As always,check out the other ladies doing the challenge,on the upper right hand side of my page.

Thank you so much for reading!