Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life & Love

Okay,so I am back again with another post today. I have been polishing my nails,and working on something that I feel turned into a hot mess. However,since I am participating in the Spring Challenge started by Mateja over at Purple Glitters , I felt obligated to go ahead and post it. I haven't every done a sponge mani before,and so this my first attempt at this form of nail art. I wanted to do something fancier. Maybe next time.I jumped on this challenge a little late,so I do still have four more days to come up with something a bit more creative.

I used Claire's Mini pastels set,the blue and purple pastel polishes,and after applying  a base coat,I sponged the two colors on with an eye makeup brush. I tried first with a paper towel,but I wasn't getting the result I wanted,and I looked  all over the place for a sponge,but couldn't find any,so the makeup brush worked out great.I actually liked working with the eyeshadow brush because I felt I had more control over where the polish went. So this is my blue and purple manicure for the Love and Life part of the challenge. Also when I was thinking about the challenge last night,and what I would do with it,I thought automatically of U2 and the song One. So I've decided to share the song with you,embedded below in this post. Happy Saturday to you all,and thank you to all the new followers who've jumped onto my blog recently.

P.S. I've made a list of everyone participating in the challenge,with their blog links on the right hand side of my page. I've already had a chance to peek at some of the ladies manis for today and you should go check them out too.