Friday, March 9, 2012

You can't stop progress

hello dear readers!

Today I have my weekly update on my progress with the Ask Cosmetics Inc. Bare Naked Nail Challenge.

If I had known a week ago,where I would be today...well,I could not have known.I was dejected.I had torn a nail,and in anger decided to cover my nails in glitter,LOL! That lasted about a day or so.Then once the glitter was removed,I went back to my regular routine of applying the T.I.P.S. nail conditioner.I've found throughout the past four weeks,that applying it up to three times a day,is what works for me. And it is helping to create the good habit of nurturing my nails.

Here are my pics of my nails' progress this week: I did have to cut back my left thumbnail today.While it's growing out,it has had little hiccups,where the growth is uneven,so I keep cutting it back,keeping it even,until hopefully it will grow out normally.

This is what the left thumb looks like today.

This is what the nail looked like a few months ago.

                                         Both of these are photos of my left hand nails today.

                                         Here is my right hand,two photos of them today.

I want to add something that I experienced during the middle of the week. I don't know if there is such a thing called "nail memory". I bumped a couple of nails around,while I was in the kitchen.I have been known to bump them up against cabinets,as I am opening and closing them to remove and put items back.I felt something akin to the feeling I used to get,when I knew a nail was about to break.The reason is that when I wore acrylics two years ago,there was always a couple of nails that would occasionally break between fills.And the nail would always break in the same spot,taking part of my natural nail with it.This never happened with the press/glue on nails,because if I bumped them,the nail would pop right off and I all I had to do was glue it back on.

So basically,there was no breakage, I felt that feeling of the nail about to break,in the same spot it would have broken,had I been wearing acrylic nails.I call that "nail memory."
                                                I wonder if any of you have ever experienced this feeling?
If you have please feel free to share,or any other comments that might come to mind.

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Thank you all for reading,and have a happy Friday!