Thursday, March 22, 2012

Test drive: Kiss Nail Dress

Hello ladies! Today I am bringing to you a review of Kiss Products Kiss Nail Dress,that was included in my complimentary INfluenster VoxBox.
Here I am holding the package while wearing the "dressing". 

           Inside the package you will find the stickers wrapped up neatly in plastic,along with a small nail file.

Kiss Nail Dress: No Dry Time
            Fits  All Ten Nails
Last up to 10 Days

 You also find the instructions which are easy enough to follow.Just select the size that fits your nail,apply it,smooth it over your nail and fold over the edge,and file the excess.You're done! These were very easy to apply. You can also see in the upper right panel are a few of the designs of the Kiss Nail Dress,as well as the below panel showing you 12 more designs.

As you can see these come in a wide variety of designs to fit your mood and personality.I especially like the funky french design pictured above.

What I like about these nail dresses is that they are very easy to apply. The strips come in 14 different sizes,and the box includes 28 strips.In the below photo you can see some of the strips,after I used 10 for a full manicure.You can use these strips also for pedicures,on artificial nails as well,and since the polish strips do not dry out,like other brands,you can use the remaining strips for a DIY manicure.

The design I received is very jazzy.It's a varied leopard print,of white,black,silver,pastel pink,hot pink,and purple.All of the designs look different on each nail. I think this is a nice thing to have when you are on the go,don't have time to polish your nails,or just want some really cute design to dress your nails up,without having to do all the work that is required with say Konad stamping,or just free hand nail art.Those of us who are not that savvy with nail art,might find these to be a very nice option,and like all ladies,we love options!

What I didn't like about the nail strips:

1.The odor upon opening the package.When I took the strips out of the wrapper,the odor reminded me of new plastic,vinyl,or rubber,not sure exactly,but it was slightly unpleasant,and I could still smell it after I had applied them to my nail.

2. I was only able to get one manicure from the package. With 28 strips included,you would think you would be able to get at least two manicures,especially at the price these retail for at my Walgreens,which is $7.99. Now if I were able to find a use for the rest of the strips,that would be fantastic!

Other than that,I think the Kiss Nail Dress strips are a wonderful option to have,are easy to apply,and come in a really great variety of designs. They will be wonderful for use on the go or when you just don't want to polish your nails.Removal is also easy,you just peel them off and you're ready to start over!

thank you so much for reading!

Where to buy: Kiss Nail Dress suggested retail price is $6.99 at major drug chains and mass retailers like WalMart,CVS,or Walgreens.

these were sent for review and testing by Influenster in my Love VoxBox.