Friday, March 30, 2012

It's never too late to spoil your nails with T.I.P.S. !

As I was taking photos of my bare naked nails today,my husband was smiling and snickering at me :-) He caught me staring at them! 
This led to a discussion of my childhood,and how I viewed my nails then.
I reminded him,that never in my life have I ever had nice nails. I told him about my childhood,how everytime there was a bit of length on my nail,I would tear it off.I was also a scab picker,by the way,and that's another story.

My husband has three sisters.I had no adult role model in my life,as far as taking care of my nails.I mean to say,that I don't ever recall noticing my mother taking care of her nails.I am certain she had them done in a salon. I also recall,that when I returned from Spain,at the age of 9,I went to visit a couple of my  cousins who were two or three years older than me.That was my first introduction to nail polish,and my last. The three of us sat at the kitchen table, one of cousin's painting my nails,and when my father walked into the room,that was all. My father was very strict,and I was ordered to remove the polish immediately.

And so you see,here I sit,I turned 49 in January,my love affair with nail lacquer having blossomeda couple of years ago.

I want to impress upon my readers that it is never too late to take charge,and be good to the nails you have.I have recently realized,since using the Ask Cosmetics T.I.P.S. conditioner for Toes,my nails feel incredibly pampered. I finally have a sense of what it means to take care of my nails,and as I said before,not something that I learned as a young person.

I also can't help staring at my nails,because to me they do look great! They are not short and stubby anymore,although I would like them to be somewhat longer.

If you've been able read thru this lengthy post,you now know much more about me than you did before,and also maybe more than you want to know,teehee! :-)

On to my pics for this week!

I've been wanting to do a shot like this! This is honestly what I see when I look down at my nails.

And this is my left hand.

my nails seem to look longer in this type of shot,and it makes me want to throw glitter all over the tips!

And there you have it! My photos for the 7th week! 2 months are almost over,and I am ready to start painting my nails! I really do want to throw glitter all over them! LOL!