Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Truvia Natural Sweetener Product Review

Another item I received from Influenster in my complimentary VoxBox,was Truvia artificial sweetener.

I have tried artificial sweeteners containing the stevia leaf extract,and I like them,however,they were incredibly pricey. This one doesn't taste any different from the other stevia sweeteners,and it is affordable too.Before I received my VoxBox,I was actually eyeing this brand at the grocery store,and noted the price.

Truvia comes in little packets,the same size as any other artificial sweeteners you may find on the market. Pictured above,I also received a coupon for use on my next purchase,which I think was a very nice touch.

Truvia does not have any type of nasty artificial aftertaste,unlike other brands,such as Sugar Twin and Equal,that do have an icky aftertaste. Truvia does not have any aftertaste.It just tastes sweet. I used it to sweeten my regular teas,as well as my herbal teas,and also sprinkled a little on some strawberries.

In conclusion,I will certainly consider purchasing this brand of sweetener the next time I am at my local grocery store. It was truly a pleasure to sample.