Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's get naked (Before photos)

hello dear readers!

I received the products from Ask Cosmetics for the Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge.

This is called the Incredible Protection System.It comes with Tips For Toes,which is especially formulated for yellowed,cracked,dry,or peeling nails. The Contour File which is incredibly unique in it's design. Then there are the Ask Revival Skin Milk,and the Ask Revival hand and nail cleaner,which is a mild cleanser to preserve the skins natural moisture barrier. 

                                              this is a before photo of my left hand nails.
                                              I clipped them with nail scissors,as directed.

                                     And this is my right hand nails.I also clipped them down.

Both of these photos of my nails were taken tonight,as I plan to start the system in the morning,with my first application of the Tips For Toes.

I will have another update for you,after  a week's time,to show my progress from the Ask Cosmetics Nail Products. Meanwhile,I hope you will enjoy the guest posts that I've scheduled,and be kind of enough to visit my blog,as a courtesy to my guest posters.Please do leave comments,as I am sure these lovely ladies would appreciate some compliments on their lovely work.

Thanks so much for reading!