Monday, February 6, 2012

Clairol nice'n easy Color Blend Foam

Good afternoon,dear readers!

Today I have a review of a hair color I recently purchased and used.I am going to share my thoughts,pro's and cons of the product.

Clairol nice'n easy Color Blend Foam claims "makes coloring a makeover you actually look forward to! Our innovative foam is an effortless, no drip color that provides 100% gray coverage and lasts up to 8 weeks." 

In addition Our exclusive Color Blend Technology gives you a pigment-rich base layered with contouring highlights. 

I had been putting off coloring my hair for some time now. I usually get my color done at the beauty college,and the ladies there always do a really nice job.

As I'd gone for a long time without coloring,my natural hair color was growing out quickly,and there was a nice smattering of gray that could use covering. Even though many people compliment me on the shock of gray I have growing from my right temple, when I look in the mirror,all I see is an old lady,lol!

So,on to the review of this product.

What I liked about it: It was easy to assemble.Put on the gloves provided,mix the colorant,shake it up,and go to town.

I also liked that it really did cover my gray.In all the years I've spent going to the beauty college,not once have they ever been able to get my gray to take the color,and that's with professional hair color products.

It also gave me a nice new hair color, more of a strawberry-colored blond, which I think is nice for the winter months. I will most likely go lighter when winter is over though.

What I didn't like is that it didn't completely foam up the way it should have.When I pumped the product out of the bottle, there was some foam,and some liquid.This did cause some dripping.I was able to wipe that off.

What I also don't like about the boxed hair colorants you find at the store,is the teeny little packs of conditioner that is included for use after rinsing.The conditioner they provide is never enough for my hair.

All in all I would give this product a rating of 3 out of 5. I believe it is probably not the highest end hair colorant. If I want something better,next time I might try a more pricey brand like John Frieda Foam hair color. I like being able to color my hair at home.

I can't yet speak to the claim that it lasts 8 weeks,as I only just applied the color today. I also don't particularly notice any highlights of any kind,however,that may change in the light of day.

And for a bit of whimsy, here is another photo of my dear little one.

I love the "spikey" do he's wearing. He get's that way right after he takes a bath.He's the cleanest of all my three cats. His hair also has a tendency to stand on end,during the colder months. He's my favorite,yes,he is,I love him more than the other two. I admit it!