Friday, February 17, 2012

Ask Cosmetics Ultimate Bare Naked Nail Challenge Week 1

Hello my dear readers,

I have today an update on my progress with the T.I.P.S nail conditioner by Ask Cosmetics,Inc.

First of all,this is the photo that I sent Lisa,when she made the request for ladies who were up for the challenge.

these are my nails on February 10th,when I received my kit.

This is a photo of my right hand nails , after using  the T.I.P.S. nail conditioner for one week. In this photo,you can see I had just done a treatment.

I've been applying it at least twice a day,and on days of heavy housework like laundry or dish-washing,which is most everyday, I apply a third application.

Lisa told me via email that the winter time is particularly rough on the nails and that a third application would be beneficial.

As far as the cuticle "receding",I don't really notice it in this photo,however,when I look down at my nails from a side view,I notice they do look somehow different.

this is my left hand nails. I wish I could show you my thumbs. They are the worst. And for me, somewhat difficult to photograph.I am not shy about showing them to you,it's just that the camera doesn't seem to like them,lol!

And this is my left hand today after one week of treatment with the T.I.P.S nail conditioner. I have other thoughts to share with you,random ramblings that ran through my mind for the first week. I would rather keep this post without rambles,however, if you are interested you can see some of my deeper and darker thoughts on this page which is entitled Diary of the Madly Unpolished.

Some of you have mentioned that it would drive you insane to go without polish for so long,so I thought I would share those thoughts on that page. I hope you will check it out.You may find it truly entertaining :-)