Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Knockout Nails UV Hardening System Review

Sometime in early  December I saw a review of  Knockout Nails  on The Shades of U Makeup blog. After I saw her review I was very impressed,but decided to  google a bit,to see if anyone else had reviewed this new at home salon system. It turned out that Phyrra had also done a review of the system.I used Phyrra's discount code,and got the system for $10 off. Here are some pics of the system.

this is a pic of the lamp I received.
A closer look at the two buttons on the lamp.

The inside of the lamp.You can see the bulbs on each side,there are also two bulbs on the ceiling of the lamp.
The items included with the kit are
 a) Lint-free cleaning pads
 b) Cleaner
 d) Hardener
 e) 3 bottles of 2 minute nail polish in red,taupe,and pink
  f) Cuticle oil
  g) top coat
  h) 3 types of nails files-File,Smooth,and Remove
  i) orangewood cuticle sticks (not pictured)

here is a before photo of my right hand nails

This is an after photo of the same hand. Notice the glossy finish.That remains even after you've applied your own nail polish and removed it.Or if you don't like a high-shine gloss,you can buff with the Smooth file for a matte finish.

1.File your nails to your desired shape.
2.Clean your nails with the Cleaner and lint-free pads.
3.Apply Bonder.
4. Apply Hardener.
5.Cure under the UV lamp for 2 minutes.(it's already pre-timed for you)
6. Apply a second coat of hardener.
7. Cure again for 2 minutes.
8.Clean again with the Cleaner,as there will be a tacky residue after curing.
9.Polish your nails.

You can polish your nails with the 2 minute polishes that come with the kit,or you can polish your nails with your own nail polish. Yes,I said you can use your own nail polish! Isn't that wonderful?! 

I love this system.For me it's a miracle,because before I used it my nails were so soft and squishy they would tear at the slightest touch.Seriously. I've tried alot of treatment products,not knocking them,but they haven't worked for me. Now my nails are hard to the touch,shiny,even after polish is removed,and another really great thing is that you can use any polish remover,and it will not damage the hardener.So you can change your polish as many times as you want.

I hope you enjoyed this review.Thank you so much for reading.

Edited Jan 31st: I no longer endorse the purchase of this product.