Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I thought I would post a little update :-)

I haven't polished my nails since Jan 4th. And I don't intend to until I am ready. I haven't forgotten about my blog. I am still reading my favorite blogs,tweeting,and rarely on FB. I don't want to wear drugstore nails anymore. So I am waiting for my nails to grow out to a length that is comfortable for ME. I really can't polish my nails until that happens. I have a commitment to myself to see this through.

I am a bit puzzled by my nail growth. My non-dominant hand (right) nails are growing out well at the same length except for the index finger. The left-hand,my nails are still super short.So those seem to be growing very slowly,except for the ring finger,which is way longer than the others. I haven't cut any of the length back on any of my nails. I am still taking the Collagen for Hair and Nails from CVS.Taking biotin too.

I have had it on my mind to do some makeup and skin-care related posts.

Other than that,I hope you will stick around.It may be awhile before I return with anything nail-related,so please be patient with me,is all I ask. Thank you.