Tuesday, December 20, 2011

new blogs 12/20/11

Just a quick note. My last real nail polish post was at the end of November. On December 3rd,I started taking something called Nature's Bounty Collagen, for hair,nails,and skin,it was B1G1 free at CVS that weekend,so I am still taking it, and some Biotin,along with my usually daily vitamin, and have been pampering my nails when I can.I don't think I am going to continue wearing glue-on nails anymore. Here is a picture I posted on Twitter over a week ago,

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Anyway,thank god,thumbs don't ever show up in my swatches,LOL!

I still have swatches of the SinfulColors to do,and I will hopefully be getting those up soon. Meanwhile I wanted to share with you some new blogs I've found recently. Check them out,and if you like give them a follow.

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