Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Julep Box arrived!

I completely forgot which Maven profile I had picked,so it was a total surprise to see what I received in my one penny box! It turned out I picked Boho Glam! Here are some pics!

Here is the red box it came in.Inside is a white paper bag with red snowflakes all over it! Very festive!

What I received: Julep "Facial for Hands" Glycolic Hand Scrub 
                          Boris & Nicole: an autumn red-brown nail laquer (I don't know why I think this should have been named "Boris and Natasha")
                          Selena a delicate,creamy mossy green
                          Glitter Pot for nails little pink iridescent stars that flash to yellow for nail art!

I also received a sample packet of Age Defying Hand Brightener and a packet of SPF 30 Hand Cream

I am looking forward to trying out both of the nail colors! I love a good red-brown,and the green laquer looks absolutely fabulous. The little bottles look so dainty! I am sucker for pretty packaging! :-)

Before I go,I am going to take the opportunity to plug Julep again,with my referral link

Take care ladies! <3