Saturday, December 31, 2011

My first international swap...Essence Vampire's Love LE

So, Shannara and I were both swap "virgins" until recently. :-) We started planning our swap sometime in October,when I asked if she would pick up the Vampire's LE polishes for me. I have been all into the vampire lore for some time now.I've read just about every Anne Rice novel that's ever been published,I loved the Dark Shadows soap opera from the 1990's(?) I put a question mark next to that,because I can't exactly recall what the exact time frame that show was,but it was really amazing to tune in every week and watch Barnabas Collins,played by Ben Cross,and all of the other neat people in the cast of that show. I sometimes watch the reruns when there's a marathon on cable. I won't go into ALL of the Vampire stuff I love,or maybe I will. I absolutely loved the movies "Underworld" and all of the sequels with Kate Beckingsdale,and I also really liked REsident Evil,even though it wasn't a vampire tale. What else vampire can I mention in this post? Oh,well,who can forget Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her pal Angel? Which brings me to share you the pics of the polishes Shannara sent me.

First the cute little Christmas card she sent! I love bunny rabbits!

A craptastic photo of some of the polishes.Just not getting good lighting in here tonight. But from the top,there is Essence Nail Art Cracking top coat in Crack me! Blue. I don't have crackle this color. To the right of that is an Essence Colour and Go in Make it Golden,a glitter. The one next to that is Time for Romance,a burgundy glitter with large glitter and what appears to be tiny holo glitter mixed in.

On the bottom row are the Vampire's Love nail polishes,True Love,Into the Dark,Gold Old Buffy,The Dawn is Broken,and Hunt Me if You Can.

Also not pictured are two more Colour and Go polishes in Space Queen and another one called Hard to Resist,which is a navy shimmer. I couldn't get those two polishes to stand up on top of the others the way the other three did.

I want to thank Shannara very much for swapping with me. She is a great swap buddy! For first time swappers I think we both did really well,especially for her,since she sent me a few more polishes than I sent her.

Please do go and check out her blog Nails and Stuff She does some of the most beautiful nail art I have ever seen,and her nails are oh so gorgeous! I have a nail crush besides,lol!