Thursday, December 29, 2011

GFC vs. Bloglovin'

Good afternoon lovely followers!

I wanted to help clarify some things about the post I made here yesterday .

A few days ago I read on The Crumpet this post . When I first read it,I was thinking " Oh,god,not another website that I have to sign in to and create a new account on." I already have so many different accounts,Twitter,Facebook,IntenseDebate,Disqus,to name a few.So tired of having to log in and remember all my passwords.Half the time,I can't remember them all. So anyway,I blew it off at that point.

A day after that, I read a similar post on Nails Adored, whose blog is not on Blogger. She will lose alot of her followers,because GFC will not be allowed unless you're blog is on Blogger,and her blog is NOT on blogger.

If you read both of their posts,it will give you a more clear explanation than I can.

Basically, I would not want to lose my followers,due to this inconvenience.Plus there are alot of advantages to being on Bloglovin',adding your blog to it,since there are alot of other nice blogs to read,and more opportunities for other people to follow you,who cannot follow you through GFC.

So anyway,I just wanted to clarify why I added my blog to Bloglovin. I didn't tell you all the details yesterday,because basically I was too tired to go through all of the malarkey of having to write this post.

I hope this helps clarify any confusion.

Thanks for reading ladies,I hope you all have a great day today,and have a safe New Year's weekend!