Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Franken fun

I was playing a whole lot the other night,with some string,or bar glitter, that I picked up at the local discount nail supply (that just happens to be right down the street from where I attend worship services on Sunday.) Ok,there are some stories here. First of all, in the spring,I found out about this store,and one Sunday,as I sat and waited for the service to begin,I sent a text update to Facebook ,asking "should I feel guilty that I would rather be down the street, or it must be a sign from God,that this store is just down the street!"

Later in September,I woke up early one morning,dreaming about polish.There were a couple of name brand polishes,Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Deborah Lippmann to name a couple. In my dream I had a vision of a lavender jelly, a la Deborah Lippmann GITA, only it was lavender,and had purple bar glitter running through it.

A couple of weeks later,I woke up,put the coffee on,and as I wasn't entirely awake yet, I looked over at the coffee pot,and thought "the polish is cooking." LOL! I really was cooking up polish in my sleep!

Which leads to this post. I finally got up the nerve to pull out a little bottle of Pixel polish swatched here, and take out the string glitter and mix a few drops in my little plastic art thingy.

Here you can see where I poured a few drops of the Pixel polish,and then added about a couple pinches of the glitter,which I picked up with a set of tweezers that were close at hand.I would have normally used a small spoon,as I do have a set of teeny tiny spoons labeled,PINCH,DASH,SMIDGEN,etc,for this very purpose.

There is one other thing I want to talk about before you look at my finished product on the nail wheel. My initial inspiration for this franken came from that dream I had,however,when I started seeing swatches in the interwebs, of the upcoming China Glaze 3D Eye Candy polishes,inspired by Marilyn Monroe,I knew that this franken had to happen.There is a polish in that set called Marry a Millionaire,and since I do love all things purple,I went gaga when I saw it swatched the first time on thegirlwithabow,who happens to be a gal who loves nail polish in Australia.

Ok,assuming you were able to read through all of that,without skipping to peek at my franken,here it is.

As you can see I was able to get great coverage on just the one swatch.I didn't make enough to do a proper mani,because I was not very sure I actually wanted to continue after I swatched it. I am still on the fence as to wether it is actually worth making a small bottle of it for occasional use.I am impressed with the purple glitter,being iridescent it flashes to green both on the nail wheel and in the pot it came in. This was a very pretty glitter and it was so much fun to play with.

So,yes,I think I probably will go ahead and make a small bottle of it,even though it doesn't come close to even being a dupe for Marry a Millionaire.I think it's worth it? What about you?