Monday, November 21, 2011

Broadway Nails Fast French Deceptions review

I haven't done a nail review in awhile. I don't make it a habit to review every type of nail I use,simply because each day seems to run into the next,and I lose track of which nails I use each week. But I feel that these particular nails deserve a review all their own.

I hadn't tried these before until a few weeks ago.And I must say, these are a great departure from some of the ones I am used to using. Ibought this set of nails at my Walgreens,and since I was in need of some short style nails.

What attracted me to these first is the French style,which is not so ordinary among most brands of artificial nails these days,however,these particular nails,not only have French tips,they also have simulated moons.The moons of these nails are what make them so unique and natural looking. I am wearing a pair right now,and my husband complemented me on them this morning,saying they were a very nice natural looking length. I sometimes use these or these or most often I use the Active Oval nails,for which I haven't even done a review...oh my! I haven't even reviewed my favorite artificial nails,however, here you can see a photo of the oval nails,that gives you an idea of what I am referring to.

Now,on to the review. :-)

     Here in the corner of the box,you can see where the package emphasizes that the nails have natural looking moons.                                           
                                                     I have opened the box to show you better what the contents look like. At the bottom,there is a little vial of Pink Gel nail glue. Above that are four sets of nails with self tabs.The tabs are removable,and make for easy application of the smaller size nails.Once you've applied the nail,all you do is twist off the tab. They are also numbered,that way,when you go back to use them again,you know what size you need.The larger size nails do not have self tabs nor are they numbered.

You can also see there is a well containing more nails.The package contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes.

There is also a manicure stick,which I have found is good for pushing away excess glue. There is also supposed to be a mini file in this box,I do not have it pictured,probably because that is the first thing I grab when I open the box is the nail file.

  I normally need a different size for each nail.With most boxes of artificial nails,I usually get two uses out of the box,without having to resize any of them on the second set. So I wore the first set a few weeks ago,and then when I went to apply the second set yesterday, I found that there was no duplicate nails for my pinky and index nails. I did file a couple of smaller nails down to serve for my pinkies,however, all of the rest of the nails were too big,and it would have been troublesome to try to make them fit my index fingers since I was in a bit of a hurry.So, I reached into a little box I keep of unused nails just for that purpose.

                                               This is a little plastic craft container,that I use to keep unused nails from various packages of artificials that I've used over the past year. I took a nail from here,found a match,and used it for my index finger.My index finger is not pictured in the review since it is not the same type of nail. When I have some free time,I do go in and file some of these nails down,that way they may be used,without letting anything I've purchased go to waste.

As far as application goes,these are extremely easy to apply.I take my time,push my cuticles back with the manicure stick,and fish a bit for the right size nails.I line them all up in order,and then take out the glue. This is actually the first time I've used the Pink nail glue with these nails.In the past,with other sets of nails,I haven't found the glue contained,to be easily applied. I normally use the larger bottle of glue that comes with the 100 count of Active Square nails pictured below.It drips onto the nail alot easier,as the Pink gel glue requires alot of squeezing for me to get the contents out. This time though I did not have that trouble with the glue,and I am not able to say why.


I love the natural design. I like the ease of application. I especially love the natural-looking moons.
What I didn't like,was that I didn't get double use of the package contents the way I normally do with the other French nails I've used from Kiss. I normally do wear the Kiss nails in the medium length.I have also on occasion used Nailene.

Broadway Nails  have various Design,French,and Natural nails to suit just about everyone's style. I bought mine at Walgreens. You can also find them at Target,WalMart,and CVS pharmacy. I believe they can also be ordered online at some of the online drugstore shops.