Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bootie Babe nail polish swatches and review

Today I have swatches of the two pastels I received from Bootie Babe Cosmetics .

First up is Slinky Pinky. It is a pink pastel creme,that would have covered in one coat,if I had left well enough alone. I didn't like the way it streaked,as some pastels do,so I applied a second coat,after which the polish self-leveled,which was truly nice. Photo taken in sunlight,which comes a whole lot later,now that the season has changed.

And here is Slinky Pinky in the shade. I couldn't decide which pic was more true to the shade,so I included both of them.

Next up is Lilac Lunatic.Such a cute name! This one applied a bit better than Slinky Pinky.It was smoother.
The formula on these may not be consistent,I believe Slinky Pinky's formula was a teeny bit thicker than this lilac pastel.Here is Lilac Lunatic in the shade.Clean-up on this one could have been a bit better.

And in the sunlight,unfortunately you can see all the faults I made with application. It really does look nice IRL,however, photos always seem to magnify every little detail,just like they say being on camera adds pounds.

Now,I want to address a few of the  issues I encountered with the actual packaging. First of all,when I opened my bottle of Slinky Pinky this is what I saw:

                                                         Goop around the neck of the bottle.Dried up, caked up goop.
Secondly, the brush. You can see from the photos below how wonky the brush is.

And of course third,the cap itself,which is way to small for an adult with small hands.I say small hands,because I do have small hands. The cap was difficult to hold on to while polishing the nails,and besides the wonky brush,it is actually too short. So the combination of these two things may have affected application just a bit. I do know from keeping up with the conversations on the Bootie Babe Facebook page that there will be "a new and improved cap,with the next shipment,that will be taller and easier to hold." I hope that there will be some improvement to the brushes as well.

In summary,these are some of the great pluses of these polishes.  

All in all,though, for $6 a piece,these are truly a novelty item,that many women will want to own,just for the shape of the bottle. The formula was fairly decent,my package arrived intact with no spillage,and I should also add that these polishes are BIG3free,cruelty free,and are available for international shipping! Shipping was incredibly fast!

You have twelve lovely shades to choose from,so head on over to the Bootie Babe website and get your bootie-shaped polish on!

Bootie Babe has been doing promotional contests on the Facebook wall so like them there,and you can also follow @bootiebabe on Twitter

I will also be swatching neon polishes I received too,and include those in a separate post.

These polishes were kindly sent by the good folks at Bootie Babe Cosmetics for review.