Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days Untrieds! - Day 5

Today I decided to wear one of the polishes from the Nubar Prism collection called Treasure.This one is not a treasure,it's a dud,as far as holographics go. It was sheer and I used three coats,thinking that would do it,but as you can see,there is VNL.

Oh my look who snuck in for a visit! It's one my Disney stuffed animals,lol! Yes, this was a gift from my dear husband. I believe it is one of the characters from the movie LIlo and Stitch. I am not really sure because the tag doesn't really say. As a girl I had tons of stuffed animals, so many,that when I went to bed at night,it was a nightly ritual to remove them so that I would have a place to sleep,lol!

Do you still collect stuffed animals? I do! :-)

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